Bumpfire Systems AR-15 Stock

Bumpfire Systems

Did you know that you can achieve full-auto rates of fire legally and inexpensively? Bump Fire Systems is here to introduce you to our Bump Fire stocks, allowing you to recreate the feel of fully-automatic fire. You can use our system to harness your rifle’s own recoil to increase your rate of fire. Bumpfiring with our system is a safe, controllable, and legal way to simulate full-auto cyclic rates without having to spend a fortune on NFA, or Class III weapons.


AR-15 Bump Fire System is made from reinforced nylon.It is extremely light and strong.

Please check the instructions. Contact us if you have any questions.

– Install in minutes.
– Compatible with commercial and Mil-Spec buffer tubes.
– Compatible with gas piston and direct impingement (gas tube).
– Simple to install and operate: Check Instructions here.
– Lots of fun without spending fortune on NFA items.

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